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Every Child

Reach Their

Full Potential

Our unique approach to preschool places special emphasis on underdeveloped social skills

TC Scholars Preschool provides academic, behavioral, and social skills to help children thrive

We offer the support and structure your child needs to reach their full potential

Our Philosphy:

TC Scholars Preschool uses trusted curriculum like:

Thoughts from TC Scholars parents:

Thank you again for all you guys do. A happy kid means great teachers and a great school.
Joe L.
Since he's been enrolled at TC Scholars, we can really tell the difference at home as well. We couldn't be happier. Thanks to you and the team for such great care and teaching.
Matea V.
When we arrived at TC Scholars, we were broken. Our son's first preschool was about to remove him from his program after only 6 weeks due to his behavioral issues.

TC Scholars changed all of that. They welcomed our son into their program with open arms. They met our son where he was at, and he thrived. He found life-long friends and so did we with the other parents in his class. In the TC community, there are no bad parents or bad kids—just families that need a little extra support.

For us to have a community that sees our son for the bright, witty, sweet child he is, and not just see his behavioral issues has meant the world to us. Even more, TC provided us the support and tools we needed to prepare our son for kindergarten.
Lauren S.

Early Social Skills Predict Success

Research shows the importance of strong social skills for success in Kindergarten and beyond.